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Your Website deserves to be more than a redundant template. It represents you and your business! Don’t be defined by plain or average digital assets that fail to show the essence of your business and you! At Express Sites, we build websites that “Express” your passion, your values, your vision, your business, not templates.


At Express SItes, our goal is to show the world what your business stands for. It’s an extension of you and the passion you have for your client or customers through your business. By providing the features and smooth flow that your visitors expect, we create a user experience that easily and quickly directs them to the services your business offers and consumers seek.


When are website most important? While B2B sites can afford to be simply a brochure on a screen, businesses that are a customer facing entities need to sell the consumers. With the amount of competition most B2C businesses face, the website and online assets are key to stand above the crowd.

Who can most benefit from customized web templates? All businesses that are consumers facing, include but are not limited to:



House Cleaners


Interior Decorators / Home Stagers

Landscapers / Pool Services

Home Repair / Service Providers



Restaurants / Cafes / Caterers

Auto Repair Shops

ALL Retailers (Car dealers, All stores, florists, renters, etc)



Real Estate Agents

Loan Officers

Event Planners / Wedding Planners

Kennels / Pet Groomers / Animal Trainers

Dentists / Cosmetic Surgeons

Yoga / Fitness Instructors / Masseuse

Tutors / Educators / Trainers

Day Care Providers



Graphic Designers


Non- Profit Organizations

Property Management companies


The list is almost never ending! Don’t wait to share your passion and the great services you offer to the consumers seeking them! Contact us for a quote and ideas to Express your business!

From only $497