Why Jeergo?

We understand how social media strengthens brands and companies and how it will help get more leads and sales.

Grow on All Social Media Channels

Get a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Make Social Media Posts a Breeze

Save $$ on Employing & Training Multiple Workers

Stay on trend and cutting edge of technology

No More Expensive Ad Agencies

Professional Design Team

100% Original Work

Turn Rough Ideas into Quality Results

Hands-On Customer Support

Save Valuable Resources and Time

Focus on your Business, not on Advertising

7 Day risk-free guarantee

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Jeergo is a graphic design and social media management agency certified under one of the top 3 social media experts in the world who uses social media to create revenue. The techniques we use has been pioneered with over 10-20M spent from experimenting with different visual and social media techniques. 



Our Approach

Jeergo provides a complete marketing plan for your business.


We reveal the heart and soul of your brand; that’s what ultimately gets people’s attention. We help shape your brand story authentically. Storytelling is an essential tool to make your company memorable, emotionally engaging, and profitable.




We create unique content to get attention and engagement from your target audience. We design the posts and write the content, use strategic hashtags, engage with likes, comments, and follows you get. 




We create a purpose for your customers to visit your website with strategic placement of text, images, and video content and a clear call-to-action so your visitors take action. 




We provide Unlimited Graphic Design with high-quality and engaging designs that will keep you relevant and impressive to customers. Design services extend to both print and digital and include licensed stock photos.

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Get creative and insightful social profile contents, tweets, and updates with the potential to go viral. We use your brand voice to enhance your company’s visibility with informative and unique posts. Our approach to writing good content for your audience creates a lasting effect on your web presence. 




The lead and sales funnel we create start with your social media platforms and next, to your optimized website where visitors take action. We create automated email follow-up sequence that generates sales without your hard efforts. Automated sales funnels can increase your bottom line 20-200% and acts as an important agent for sales.




We use videos to increase sales conversions. We create video marketing collateral that’s professional, informative, and/or emotionally engaging. We use storylines to produce captivating explainer or brand story videos that usually gets placed on the front center of your website, used as social media clips, or for digital ad campaigns. 




We create opportunities to get leads from multiple avenues every time a potential customer comes in contact with your company on the web. We accomplish this by communicating with them in a way that gives them value. We capture your audience when they take the first step in showing interest in your company and nurture them into paying customers.




We consider email the lifeblood of marketing because it is still the best way to make sales. We use email marketing to give value and retain customer loyalty to existing customers, reach potential future customers, and people that have visited your location or website.




We connect your company with analytical tools to track and determine the performance of all marketing efforts. Get reports to track progress, examine problems, make changes, and keep your business marketing goals clear. 




With all tier groups, you receive an amount of ad spend credits we use to set up, create, and manage your Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and email campaigns. All Ads are launched hyper-targeted to your ideal customers with a call-to-action that results in sales.


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